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Solar Clean Lincolnshire offer a professional, low cost service to get your
Solar Panels clean & free of birds & pests

Our Services

Whether its pest protection, panel cleaning or simple maintenence, we offer the services you need.
solar panel cleaning & maintenance in lincolnshire

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping your panels clean & maintained is essential for efficient, optimal energy production. Even a thin film of dust can reduce a panels production by up to 20%

Solar Panel Protection

Squirrels & birds love to get behind unsecured panels & cause malfunction and dirt. Keep them out & your panels cleaner with our pest protection service...

Solar Maintenance

Maintain your panels for max efficiency with our protective cleaning system boost your solar panel energy production, and keep them clean for much, much longer.

Solar Panel Replacement

Our associated company - The Heat Source have been installing & upgrading heating systems & solar panels for vastly improved energy generation & efficiency

solar panel cleaning & maintenance lincolnshire

About Our Company

Our sister company The Heat Source in Caistor have been successfully fitting, maintaining & replacing solar panels, heat pumps & solar battery storage for over 15 years. 

Using that know-how and experience Solar Clean Lincolnshire offers a comprehensive service for the maintenance, upkeep, efficiency & cleaning of your solar panels. 

Ensuring your solar panels stay perfectly clean and for far longer, keeping the pests and vermin away ensures your panels keep making as much power they possibly can. 

With the crazy increases in energy prices, increasing panel efficiency is imperative. Make the most of what you have and get those solar panels cleaned today…

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